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Philippe, Stéphanie Gombert and their team invite you to celebrate Christmas and New Year in a warm and cosy atmosphere.

All the public rooms are decorated with Christmas themes, candles and stars.

The decoration of the Christmas tree is an old tradition going back to the 11th century: it was then decorated with red apples that symbolised the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Later on apples, sweets and little cakes were fixed to the branches.

During the 17th century the first fir trees with candles appeared.

At La Treyne we have maintained this wonderful tradition. Small fir trees are set up on the ground floor with different decorations.

Come and enjoy cakes in front of open fireplaces or join us for the Christmas and New Year’s Eve dinners in soft candlelight… time stands still before you head into  a new year.

Château de la Treyne proposes a very romantic New Year’s Eve to you.