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20 years ago Stéphane ANDRIEUX started to deploy his culinary arts at Château de La Treyne.

A native of Perigord, born in Nontron, Stéphane prepared his first meals at the hotel school of Angoulême before he joined the brigades of great French chefs like Marc Meneau in Burgundy and  Pic in Valence. Then the student graduated and developed his own culinary philosophy several years later.

When he was offered the head chef position in the kitchen of La Treyne in 1998, he was fascinated by the flavours of the region. His cuisine, which integrates the fundamentals inherited from gourmet Périgord and Quercy, is highly inventive and wonderfully mouth-watering.

“I love to reinterpret the regional cuisine by working with foie gras, Quercy lamb as well as pot au feu. I like dishes that delight the taste buds incorporating acidity and bitterness”, the chef from the Lot states.

Very soon his culinary arts were acclaimed and recognised. In 2001 Stéphane ANDRIEUX was awarded his first Michelin star.

Since then his interpretation of foie gras has become an iconic dish, just as his green asparagus, raw and cooked on their pulp with truffle sauce and his balluchon of poached egg, slightly truffled.

Blue lobster and mullet are moving up the Dordogne River, all featuring on Stéphane’s menu. 

As far as meat is concerned, the lamb ribs are the most beautiful homage to the ewes of  Quercy, just as the beef from Aubrac or the milk-fed Corrèze veal.

Wild pigeon  and ducks have the same culinary fate for the ultimate pleasure of gourmets.

The restaurant is open every evening from 7.30pm. For lunch on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and public holidays from 12.30pm.


  • Depuis 1998 Château de la Treyne Relais & Châteaux Lacave-46
    Chef de Cuisine
    Promu « Grand de demain » au Gault et Millau avec 15/20 en 2002 puis 16/20 depuis 2004
    Obtention 1* Michelin en 2001
  • De 1996 à 1998 Pic de Valence Relais et Châteaux 3 * Michelin Valence-26
    Second de Cuisine
  • De 1994 à 1996 Marc Meneau Relais & Châteaux 3 * Michelin St Père/Vezelay-89
    Chef de Partie
  • De 1992 à 1994 Moulin de la Gorce Relais & Châteaux 2 * Michelin La Roche Abeille-87
    Chef de Partie
  • De 1990 à 1992 Le Lion d’Or Relais & Châteaux 2 * Michelin Romorantin-41
    Chef de Partie
  • 1989 Le Cro Magnon Hôtel Restaurant 1* Michelin Les Eyzies-24
    Chef de Partie
  • 1988 La Malmaison Restaurant 1 * Michelin Hersham-GB
    Commis de Cuisine
  • Saison 1988 La Toison d’Or Restaurant 1 * Michelin Dinan-22
    Commis de Cuisine



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